Reed Fine Art

Reed Fine Art

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The Reed Fine Art program provides advanced art courses in drawing and painting on a no-cost, scholarship basis to students who demonstrate a willingness to commit to an entire year of study. The mission of the Reed Fine Arts program is to support the ambition and passion of young artists to explore and unlock their creativity. Through a combination of weekly instruction, open studio, guided practice, and extracurricular responsibilities, our students will develop the skills needed to become the artists they dream to be.

Our students work within the Millard Sheets Art Center, a WPA building (Works Progress Administration) erected in 1937. The art center values the joy the arts bring to our lives and in the past has exhibited works by artists Henri Matisse, Auguste Rodin and Vincent Van Gogh and will continue in this tradition by nurturing the talent and beauty created by emerging artists.

The Reed Fine Arts Program is dedicated to improving the creative endeavors of our young artists and we hope you will join us on this incredible journey.

Program Overview

Students meet once a week, beginning with a five-week summer session and continuing with semester programs in fall and spring. The course concludes with an art exhibition and presentation of certificate of completion. Students who have successfully completed the Reed Fine Arts Program will have participated in 96 hours of classroom instruction, explored museums in and around Southern California, hung their artwork on the same walls that showcased Monet and Degas, learned from professionals in the art world, and discovered new career pathways in the arts.

Course Overview
Summer Session - 5 weeks
  • Drawing and painting techniques
  • Observational drawing
  • Figure studies
  • Theme development
  • Utilizes graphite,charcoal, conte crayon, acrylic paint, water mixable oils
Fall Session - 12 weeks
  • Color theory
  • Drawing and painting on location
  • Figure studies
  • Utilizes graphite, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic paint, canvas, graphite pencil, mixed media
Spring Session - 15 weeks
  • Advanced drawing and painting techniques
  • Drawing and painting on location
  • Advanced figure studies
  • Portraiture
  • Portfolio construction
  • Utilizes acrylic paint, canvas, graphite pencil, mixed media

Enrollment Requirements

The Reed Fine Art Program offers 20 students the opportunity to join the program as a participant, working together as they advance through each stage of the curriculum. Our students participate at no cost and are provided all of the supplies necessary to accomplish the program goals. As such, it is necessary to select those students that best demonstrate the qualities and skills it will require to commit and successfully complete the year-long program. Students are asked to submit an application and supporting materials, as stated below, to be considered for one of the 20 positions. Students may also be asked to participate in an interview if further consideration is required.

Each student that applies to the Reed Fine Arts Program must submit the following:

  • Student application
  • Teacher recommendation
  • 2 representational drawings of artwork

Admission Timeline 2016

March 1 - Applications available
April 4 - Applications due
May 2 - Students notified

Have questions aout admission process? Contact the Art Center Manager Thomas Canavan canavan@fairplex.com